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Pryo Putty Winter Blend

Pryo Putty Winter Blend

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  • Any hunt, any weather condition, Pyro Putty will get your fire going 
  • Waterproof, floats, and a portion the size of a nickel will burn for 6-10 min
  • Multiple lighting options, including lighters, matches, ferro rod or even a magnifying glass

Manufacturer Highlights

  • Available in two blends, summer (40-110°F) and winter (20-70°F) 
  • One can will typically provide 30 fire/ignitions   
  • 2.2 oz can

There's nothing better on cold or rainy days than a fire. Starting one however can be a challenge, especially when facing wind and rain, but not with Pyro Putty. It's not only waterproof and weather resistant, but with multiple ignition options you'll never have to worry about getting a fire started in bad weather. Nothing, except the local fire laws, will be able to stop you from starting a fire to stay warm, cook food, or survive comfortably through the night. One tin can burn up to 7 hours and a quarter sized ball will burn up to 15 minutes. Pair this putty with the Pyro Putty's Dual Arch Rechargeable Lighter for a waterproof and windproof fire starter kit that will work anywhere and in any conditions. The Summer Blend is effective from 40° F up to 110° F, whereas The Winter Blend is effective from -20° F up to 70° F.


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