Our Services

At Straight 6 Archery you will receive the most comprehensive one on one service found in any archery shop. Whether you are setting up a brand new bow or updating your current one, we will work hard to completely evaluate your shooting and hunting needs to ensure you receive the right products to further your experience. Having quality products and service you can rely on is peace of mind.

      We are a full service pro shop specializing in all makes and models of modern and traditional bows and can perform any task from tying in a peep to installing new strings. Below you will find a list of our current services and fees.


Straight 6 Archery Services

Hunt ready tune 

Draw board tune 

Press fee 

Paper tune 

Arrow cut/insert install

Center/end serve 

Drop away rest install 

Stand rest install 

Single arrow fletch 


Peep Tie 

*Call for prices and questions!*


**all product purchased at Straight 6 Archery will receive free setup and install. For additional fees please call**