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Vapor Trail Gen X

Vapor Trail Gen X

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Following on the huge success of the Gen 7 arrow rest, Vaportrail Archery introduces the all new and completely redesigned Gen 7x. This rest, built off of the proven free floating, adjustable spring tension system of the Gen 7, features new micro-adjust windage and elevation adjustments, as well as the ability to run the activation cord off of the top OR bottom limb.

With a new, sleeker look, the Gen 7x also features a built-in bubble level, aiding archers in setup, tuning, and maintenance.

Like the Gen 7, the Gen 7x will be offered in select bow-specific options, and will utilize the same full-capture, carbon core with rubber-overmolded containment system, allowing archers to customize their setup  with 12 different color selections

With all of the added features to the 2020 Gen 7x, archers are sure to find exactly what they’re looking for in regards to ease of setup, adjustability, tunability, forgiveness, accuracy and durability that Vapor Trail set the bar with for limb-driven rests.


  • Proven limb driven system (same reliable torsion spring system since inception)
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Free-floating head
  • Full capture carbon core containment cage (rubber overmolded)
  • Side-load arrow gate
  • All machined aluminum/brass. NO plastic. 
  • NEW Micro Adjust windage/elevation
  • NEW Top OR bottom limb operation
  • NEW built-in bubble level for quicker/easier setup
  • NEW sleeker design
  • NEW increased strength
  • Lightweight (under 3.5 oz)
  • Brand-specific mounting options available. 

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