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Optimus Curx Lite Solo
Optimus Curx Lite Solo

Optimus Curx Lite Solo

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  • The 2.5 oz. (72g) Crux Lite stove is not quite as flat as the Crux when stored, but still tucks nicely into any unused nooks and crannies in your cookware
  • Large burner head provides wide heat displacement to prevent spot-burning on your cooksets
  • Powerful 3,000-watt (10,200 BTU) burner can boil 1 liter of water in as little as 3 min., depending on climate, altitude, etc.
  • Go from simmer to boil with precision control
  • Efficient fuel use: up to 90 min. output using one 8 oz. fuel canister
  • Total cookset (including stove, hard-anodized aluminum 0.6L cooking pot, fry pan that doubles as the lid and mesh storage bag) weighs only 9.6 oz.
  • Fuel not included

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