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Black Eagle Fletched Rampage

Black Eagle Fletched Rampage

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The Black Eagle Rampage is a small-diameter 100% carbon shaft is designed to have superior long distance performance with spine-to-weight ratios creating a balance for optimal speed, kinetic energy, and penetration. The Rampage is an exceptional feather-fletched carbon arrow with no sacrifices to durability. It’s the perfect shaft for any big game. You get the option to shoot whatever straightness balances to your budget while also getting the weight and kinetic energy that you need for an arrow to perform it's best. Not only will the Rampage feather-fletched carbon arrow fly like a dream but thanks to its unique half out insert, they hit hard and pack a punch on every target they hit! Unleash the Rampage!

  • Small Diameter
  • Extremely durable
  • Half out insert for performance and durability
  • Different straightness options

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